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Hotel Causeway

Hotel Causeway has closed and will get a whole new look.

The Hotel will embark on an extensive renovation project, signifying the most substantial upgrading project since its inception over 19 years ago. In order to properly execute and expedite the major renovation, the Hotel will be closed for approximately 18 months.

As we close our door momentarily to make way for the project, we thank you all for the great support and loyalty through the years. Once transformation is completed, the new interiors of Hotel Causeway will ensure the ultimate in comfort and style, combined with the facilities that discerning travellers expect.


In the meantime, we would be pleased to accommodate you at one of our other Hotels, Causeway 353 Hotel, or at Causeway Inn On The Mall.

Causeway 353 Hotel


Causeway Inn On The Mall


Do get in touch with us if you have any questions or if you want to be kept in the know with news and offers. Send us your name and email address to our reservation team on

Keep watching this space for updates.